13 July 2020
Taco Bill Blog

#FiestaAtHome – Updates to our Melbourne Locations

We know this wasn’t what you had planned.

As life tends to be up in the air these days, there is one thing we here at Taco Bill are absolutely positive about – the necessity to spice up your week. Though we are sad to close the option for dining-in for the next few weeks at our Melbourne locations, we aren’t ones to abandon our Amigos. We must continue, on and will be offering a hearty dose of fiesta through takeaway and delivery!

Play around with your nights and create themes the whole family can get excited about! Whether you’re a Fajita Friday, Nacho Supremo Sunday, or the ever classic Taco Tuesday type, our menu is sure to ring some bells. With our Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, and kid-friendly food options, everyone can be included in a Mex-cellent plan!

But wait, for those really wanting to get loco, you may be wondering…

Will Taco Bill’s famous frozen margaritas be available for take away?
To that we say… of course!* What better way to battle the winter here in Melbourne than to sip on a margarita cocktail and fantasize about being on the beach, feeling the sunshine, hearing the waves, wiggling the sand with your toes, smelling that sunscreen you know you better reapply soon…

…are we getting carried away? Well, we can’t help the way our Margies make us feel and who are we to deny you from that kind of dream sequence?!

While we don’t think you need any more convincing than the guarantee of fresh, high-quality food and drink, we aim to go above and beyond for our Amigos. We promise to continue brainstorming ways to make these times easier (and more fun) for all of you as a way of saying thanks for choosing Taco Bill Mexican Restaurants.

As always, we look forward to bringing you some warmth and happiness with every order, and that is one thing that will never change! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and order your #FiestaAtHome!
Salud y gracias for all your support amigos!

*Alcohol take away available at select locations only.