29 October 2018
Taco Bill Blog

Top 11 Secrets to Winning a Burrito Challenge

Who's ready to eat? Take on a 2.5 kg burrito with our top 12 secrets to winning a burrito challenge! Competition takes place October 29th - November 2nd.

Winning a food competition is no small feat. After all, it’s not every day that you decide to chow down on a 2.5 kg burrito! With the Taco Bill Mexican Big Willi Burrito challenge coming your way in a few short days, you need to start thinking about what you can do NOW to prepare! There are many ways you can brace your stomach for this monumental event. We fill you in on the top 12 secrets to winning a burrito challenge.

Pre-Burrito Prep

Taco bill mexican big willi burrito

In order to complete a burrito this size, you’re going to need to do some prep work.

1. Train Your Stomach

Your body isn’t naturally able to consume this much food at once. By training or stretching your stomach to be able to intake more at a time, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. Competitive eaters explain that the best way to do so is through water consumption. By drinking large amounts of water, your stomach will stretch and allow for more food.

2. Strengthen Your Jaw

As with your stomach, your jaw is not used to consuming a large amount of food on the regular. In order to have your mouth locked and loaded when it comes to competition time, you should practice by eating foods that are hard to chew. Chewing gum will work great as well!

3. Get in Shape

Most people assume people who compete in food competitions are overweight and while some are, most aren’t. Hit up the gym and get your body fat percentage down if you want to beat out the competition.

4. Video Your Practice Sessions

If you decide to practice before the competition, video tape your sessions. When you watch it back you can see what was working and what isn’t going to cut it. Look at how many bites you’re taking, the pace you’re going at and so on!

5. The Final Meal

The night before the big day you should try to consume foods that are high in water content such as vegetables and drink plenty of water. Make sure to stop consuming water 1-2 hours before going to sleep to allow your body to digest everything properly.

Day of the Burrito

taco bill melbourne pre burrito competition prep

When the day of the challenge finally arrives, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You wouldn’t want all of your practice to go to waste, would you?!

6. Empty Stomach?

Although this option may seem the most logical, it will ultimately hurt you in a burrito eating challenge. You need some energy to carry you through so opt for something light like a banana or orange and sip on a coffee.

7. Don’t Overdo the Liquids

In a burrito eating challenge you need to think of liquids as lubricants rather than something to quench your thirst. If you drink too much you’ll be wasting valuable space in your stomach. Only drink warm water to help you get every last bit of that burrito down!

8. Stay Standing 

While sitting down may seem to be the best position to consume a burrito, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Your stomach is compressed when you’re sitting, so you’ll have more room if you stand up instead.

9. Get Comfy

You don’t want your clothing to impair your chances at winning the burrito challenge so avoid belt and restrictive pants at all costs! Instead opt for loose shorts or trackies so you’ll have plenty of room to allow you to come up on top. 

10. Put down the cutlery

Forget about your manners for the night and toss aside the cutlery! Let your animal instincts take over and use your hands for optimal results. Cutlery only gets in the way and wastes your precious time. No bueno amigo!

11. Don’t be afraid to puke

If you’re afraid of puking during the competition, it may hinder your performance. When it comes down to it, the Big Willi Challenge is all mind over matter. If you practice meditation it may help to get your head in the game before you go in for the first bite!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to to buckle down and take on the Big Willi Challenge! From October 29 – November 2nd, you have the chance to win Melbourne’s biggest burrito eating challenge. Celebrate the Day of the Dead the right way and prove to your mates that you have what it takes!

We can’t wait to see you there. Don’t forget to tag @TacoBillMexican in your videos & pictures and book today to secure a table!