17 September 2018
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The Best Margaritas to Pair With Dinner Tonight

Craving a margarita but not sure what one to pair with dinner? We share the best margaritas, making your choice that much easier!

The margarita has long been a classic drink to accompany any Mexican cuisine. The question is, what food pairs best with your margarita? With heaps of options available it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve simplified the process and set out the best margaritas to go with your Mexican feast, as well as share with your amigos!

History of the Margarita

Before we dive right into the margaritas, let’s begin with the origin story. While the history of the margarita isn’t exactly set in stone, it is believed to have originated from a cocktail known as the ‘daisy’. This cocktail had a mix of alcohol (tequila was the original), citrus juice and grenadine. Eventually the ‘daisy’ took on the Spanish translation and we were blessed with the margarita!

Margarita Madness

Taco bill mexican best margaritas

1. Fruit Margarita

With summer just around the corner, you really can’t go wrong with a fruit margarita. With options ranging from lemon, strawberry, mango, tropical or pineapple, there’s something for everyone (of drinking age of course)! Try pairing one of these spectacular margaritas with a delicious fish or chicken taco.

2. Banana Boat

A banana boat margarita is a simple combo, but you can’t go wrong. A little lemon, with banana liqueur and you’re all set! This margarita would pair well with our burrito bowls,healthier option full of flavour and the perfect compliment to this sweet drink.

3. Caribbean Dream

With tropical flavours and coconut liqueur, this margarita is a winner in our books! Kick back and relax, sipping on this flavourful drink and chow down on prawns & scallops or frijoles quesadillas. Combo that sure will take your taste buds to vacay!

4. Blue Lagoon

Did someone say lemon with blue curacao?! Count us in! The Blue Lagoon is perfect for a warm evening while sharing some nachos among your amigos.

5. Purely Peach

What sounds better than peach schnapps with a touch of lemon? Sip on this drink while you try our tasty fajita burrito! The peach flavour will bring out the the taste of the sizzling beef and fresh veggies.

Taco bill mexican fishbowl margaritas

Can’t decide on just one margarita? Join us for drinks and enjoy our margarita sampler. You can enjoy 5 of our faves – classic, lemon, strawberry midori, tropical and pineapple! If you feel like going to margarita heaven and back, why not try our fishbowl margaritas? Book a table near you today and kick back with the margarita of your choice!