10 September 2018
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Mexican Independence Day – How to Celebrate

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day the right way this year! Learn about the history & what foods you should have at your fiesta!

Mexican Independence Day is almost here and you know what that means… lots of food! While Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful celebration among Mexicans, it often gets confused with Mexican Independence Day. The independence is actually a much bigger celebration, where friends and family gather to let loose and have plenty of fun!


Taco bill mexican restaurant Mexican independence day

The story of this national holiday begins back in 1810 when a priest named Miguel Hidalgo gave a speech in the town of Dolores to encourage a revolt against the Spanish regime. Known first as “El Grito de la Independencia”, which translates to “the cry of independence”, Mexican Independence Day has been taking place each year on September 16th. As a leader in the War of Independence in Mexico, Hidalgo’s army went up against the Spanish in order to gain their independence. Hidalgo was later captured by the Spanish, executed by 1811 and independence was not officially declared until 1821.


Taco bill mexican restaurant Mexican Independence Day

Ever since Mexican Independence Day, Mexicans have celebrated their independence in a variety ways. There are fireworks, dancing, music, decorations and more! In Mexico crowds can get quite crazy, blowing horns and whistles, throwing confetti on the streets and yelling Viva Mexico” or “Viva la independencia”.

Let’s eat!


Taco bill mexican mexican independence day tacos

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the most important part… It wouldn’t be a proper Mexican fiesta without the food! Traditionally, the food prepared for Mexican Independence Day takes on the colours of the flag – red, white and green. The most popular and authentic dish served on this day is known as Chiles En Nogada which are meat stuffed poblano chiles with a white cream sauce and pomegranate on top. Our mouth watering nachos also come served in the colours of the Mexican flag, making it another great dish for the occasion!

Other traditional dishes such as queso fundido (Mexican cheese fondue), tamales, enchiladas, burritos, tres leches (Milk cake) and we can’t forget the fan fave – tacos! Alongside a feast of delicious food are heaps of alcoholic drinks to go with them. Some go-tos are Distrito Federal (a Mexican twist on a classic Manhattan), Tegroni (a tequila based negroni) and Lagerita (a light Mexican beer mixed with a margarita).

Taco Bill Mexican wants to help you celebrate Mexican Independence Day the right way! To get the fiesta started we’re popping open Corona’s and handing out our delicious fruit margaritas for only $4. Not feeling like a cerveza or other alcoholic drinks? We’ve got many non-alcoholic beverages, delicious food and a great atmosphere to celebrate. Book a table with your amigos at one of our 31 locations and let’s make this the best Mexican Independence Day yet!

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