16 October 2018
Taco Bill Blog

Big Willi Challenge | 2.5 kg Burrito Challenge

Big Willi is back in celebration of the Day of the Dead! Stop on by from October 29th - November 2nd to test the waters with this gigantic burrito.


Big Willi challenge is back and bigger than ever!!!

Our fiesta is in celebration of this year’s Day of the Dead so it’s only fitting that we have a burrito to go along with it. This deadly burrito is comprised of head shaking amount of Mexi rice, heart beat increasing chile colorado, frijole con queso, sweat inducing jalapeños & eye popping amounts of cheese… all rolled in soft flour tortillas…Taco Bill challenges you to take on a BIG WILLI! Pay $35 or finish it in under 35min and GET IT FOR FREE!

You`ve got a chance to take on the BIG WILLI from 29/10-02/11 in ANY Taco Bill restaurant!

Big Willi Requirements

  • Competitors MUST book a table at least 2 days before the challenge & state in comments BIGWILLICHALLENGE (or acknowledge it if booking over the phone). Burrito cannot be provided without mentioning the challenge at the time of booking.
  • Contestants must sign a Big Willi Release form prior the consumption. Big Willi Release Form.
  • A photo must be taken of each competitor prior to challenge
  • No competitor can leave the table once the challenge has started
  • The competitor must have no help from their amigos (except for encouragement!)
  • The challenge must be timed and completed within 35 minutes!

The Winner Walks Away With…

  • General I AM A LEGEND feeling
  • Certificate of completion
  • Shout out on Social Media (Over 16k followers on Taco Bill Mexican Facebook page!)

If you think you or your amigos have what it takes make sure to book a table ahead of time. Please don’t forget to mention you’re part of the Big Willi Challenge so we’ll have the Big Willi waiting for you upon your arrival!

Make sure to share your win (or fail!) on your social media channels! Tag @tacobillmexican on Instagram with #BigWilliChallenge hashtag. Look out for a shout out on Taco Bill Mexican Facebook page!

We can`t wait to see if anyone can take on a BIG WILLI this year! #BigWilli #DeadlyChallenge #Dayofthedead2018