Privacy policy

What we do with the information you provide

The primary purpose of this site is to :

  • Assist you in understanding Taco Bill’s services and products
  • provide general information about Taco Bill, and to provide the latest news and information on the franchise.

Taco Bill wants you to feel comfortable when visiting the site and is committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so.


Information gathered

Information on this site is gathered in two ways – directly when you voluntarily provide information and indirectly through the site’s technology. Information is collected directly when you voluntarily provide it to Taco Bill – for example

  • When you fill out a Club Membership form on the site. When this information is being collected you will be advised of the reason for it being collected and the use that will be made of it by Taco Bill. This will enable you to determine whether or not you want to provide the information. By voluntarily providing information to Taco Bill when joining a Club you agree to it being used for promotional activities by Taco Bill.
  • When you apply for the Taco Bill Franchise Opportunity Package you agree that the information be used internally by Taco Bill.

Information is collected indirectly through the site’s Internet access logs. When you visit the site your Internet address is automatically collected and stored in the site’s Internet access logs. Information is collected indirectly in a number of ways. One example is small files of information, commonly known as “cookies”, which save information about your visit to the site (such as how you accessed and navigated through the site and what information was of interest to you). The cookies used on this site identify you only as a number and do not enable you to be identified. Nevertheless, if you do not want this information to be collected you can disable cookies on your computer by changing the settings in the preferences or options menu in your browser.


Updating your Club Membership information

Club Membership information supplied by you may be updated at any time. The instructions on how to manipulate your Club Membership Information are located at the end of any Club Membership form. You can also cancel (unsubscribe) your Club Membership on the same form.

Unsubscribing from our Newsletters and cancelling


Club Membership

You can unsubscribe to our promotional email newsletters at any time by following the instructions contained at the end of every emailed promotion. Unsubscribing will completely delete all personal information provided by you at the time of joining one of our Clubs. Unsubscribing will also cancel your Club Membership.


Use of information

Information collected on the site will be used in various ways. For instance, information you submit for Club Membership – such as your e-mail – may be used to provide you with news about Taco Bill and its products and services. Taco Bill will not sell an individual’s information or make any use of it other than as indicated in this statement or advised at the time it is collected and will treat all personal information as confidential.