A Taco Bill Franchisee Helps Make The Taco Bill Family Successful One Restaurant At A Time

We are seeking potential franchisees who…

Are willing to work hard
Want to be part of the longest established and most respected Mexican restaurant family in Australia
Are willing to participate in a comprehensive training and evaluation program
Are willing to commit full-time efforts to the day to day operations of their Taco Bill restaurant
Have proven skills in interpersonal relationships and financial management
Have approximately $500,000 of unencumbered personal resources

Taco Bill offers all franchisees…

Immediate association with the number 1 and the largest family of Mexican food restaurants in Australia The opportunity to run your own business with support from a franchisor with more than forty years experience in the Mexican food industry.
A team environment which provides the opportunity for franchisees to support one another for mutual gains
Support in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing and purchasing
Personal growth and business knowledge as a result of exposure to the Taco Bill system
If you would like to download a Taco Bill Franchise Opportunity Package and to receive Important News about Taco Bill Franchising, please contact us, and select ‘franchise inquiry’ as your topic of interest. We will then email you a Franchisee Promotional Pack containing all the information you require.

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Available Locations

Please contact Taco Bill head office to discuss any available locations on (03) 9690 2077


Taco Bill Mexican Restaurants is Australia’s leading Mexican group, predominately in Victoria. With 35 locally owned and operated restaurants, the group provides Australia with daily fresh ingredients and an authentic Mexican culinary experience.

As Australia’s longest running and most respected Mexican group, Taco Bill is synonymous with Mexican food Down Under, and has prospered in the competitive hospitality industry for over forty five years. The company’s beginnings were simple, with founder “Taco” Bill Chilcote coming to Australia in 1967 from the border of Mexico and California, carrying little more than a corn grinder and a tortilla machine. Bill started producing tortillas and corn chips, and opened the first Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant on Queensland’s Gold Coast before heading south, where he established restaurants in Bondi, Sydney, and finally Armadale in Melbourne.

Through the years, Taco Bill has developed a menu that offers a wide variety of authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine, enjoying a loyal and growing following.
As Taco Bill’s popularity has increased, the company has attracted interest from many people wanting to establish their own Taco Bill businesses. In this way, the current franchising network has been developed. Taco Bill has maintained its market leadership status for over forty five years by adhering to the sound, basic principles of providing its valued customers with interesting, high quality food, a fun atmosphere, and excellent value for money.



Is Taco Bill an American-owned company?
No. Taco Bill is an Australian owned company, which is a franchised organisation. The Directors, Stan Teschke and Tom Kartel, also own and operate their own Taco Bill franchises around Melbourne. They have a combined experience of over 60 years in the organisation.

Does the Taco Bill company own all of the restaurants?
No. All of the restaurants are owned by franchisees.

Where do Taco Bill supplies come from?
Wherever possible the company buys its products locally and fresh. All of our meat, fruit and vegetables are sourced locally and are fresh daily.

How Healthy is Taco Bill Food?
Tortillas are a staple food of Mexican cuisine and at Taco Bill we serve flour and corn tortillas both of which are natural products that are not in themselves fattening. Most of our meals are served with fresh vegetables and the fat content is low. However, the addition of cheese and sour cream does add to the calorie content of the food. Should you be attempting to limit your calorie intake, we suggest that you talk to the Taco Team who can work with you to meet your needs.
Taco Bill serves a number of ‘gluten-free’ menu items suitable for Coeliacs. Ask our Taco Team for our ‘Gluten Free Selections’.
“Taco Bill is more than just a restaurant. We do take-away, catering and home supplies.”

Taco Bill started in Australia as a “take-away food” business and has always offered take-away food for its customers who were unable to dine in the restaurant for any reason. All of our restaurants offer a great range of take-away food, including many favourite dine-in choices. We pride ourselves on our prompt take-away service & are happy for customers to place their orders in person or phone ahead.

We’re on the move at Taco Bill. Choosing Mexican for your party is always a great hit and something different. Whether you are planning a birthday party, club function or just getting together with some friends, Taco Bill will make your night a winner. Start with nachos and your night is sure to be a hit. Just call your closest Taco Bill for a menu, price list and to see if they can accommodate you.

Home Supplies
Increasingly, our customers who like to cook Mexican food at home ask us to supply them with ingredients. Due to increasing requests for our corn and flour tortillas, corn chips, salsas and cheese, Taco Bill now stocks adequate supplies of these products to meet our customer needs, as many of these are difficult to procure elsewhere. We even supply written cooking instructions for those customers in need of assistance. We’re very helpful but, despite many requests, we can’t give out our special Taco Bill recipes.