Food Menu

Aperitivos Appetisers

Nachos Supremos (V) (GF)

Crunchy corn chips topped with cheese, finely chopped jalapeños, house-made guacamole, sour cream & salsa fresca


Quesadilla Delgada

Large flour tortilla folded over your choice of filling

Frijoles con queso w/ beans & cheese (V)
Beef w/ melted cheese & salsa
Mushroom w/ tomato & cheese (V)
Spicy chicken w/ cheese

Taquitos (GF)

Crisp fried corn tortillas rolled around your choice of chicken or beef, served with salsa fresca


With soft shell (flour) or hard shell (corn) GF

Bean (V), Chicken, or Shredded beef

Seafood - Prawns, scallops with onion, lettuce, salsa fresca & cheese (not gluten free)

Baja Fish Taco - Beer battered fish, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, yogurt aioli & a wedge of lime in a warm flour tortilla

Carne Colorado Taco (Street Style) GF - Slow cooked beef, guacamole, topped with pico de gallo & a wedge of lime in a soft with corn tortilla

Enchilada (GF)

Corn tortilla with your choice of filling

Spinach & potato w/ cheese & red chile & green tomatillo sauce (V)
Chicken w/ cheese, fresh herbs, spices & green tomatillo sauce
Beef w/ cheese, onion & rich red chile sauce

Poco Penos (V)

Crumbed & sautéed jalapenos filled with cream cheese & sour cream salsa on the side

Tostada (GF)

A crisp fried corn tortilla topped with frijoles conqueso, lettuce, pico de gallo & cilantro


Esquites (GF)

Sweet corn kernels mixed with mild chile, Parmigiano, cilantro & chipotle aioli

FIESTAS Mexican banquets For 2 Or More

Puerto Vallarta

Beef, Chicken or Bean
Nachos supremos
Burrito with Mexican rice
Mexican chocolate mousse
or flan de queso


Beef, Chicken or Bean
Nachos supremos
Quesadilla delgada
Mexican chocolate mousse
or flan de queso

COMIDAS Main Meals


Our No.1 favourite!

Sauteed with onion, red & green capsicum & served sizzling!
Served with house-made guacamole, lettuce, Mexican rice & flour tortillas

Beef or Chicken
Beef and Chicken
Seasonal Vegetables

Top your fajitas with sour cream, cheese and salsa

Fajita Salad

Marinated chicken or beef strips, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red & green capsicum, Spanish onion & fresh avocado

Enchilada Grande (GF)

Two enchiladas topped with mild chile sauce & cheese, Mexican rice & frijoles
Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian (V)

Enchilada Nuevo Mexico (GF)

You have to be hungry!

Three stack of corn tortillas, ‘New Mexico style’ with beef or chicken, onions & cheese. Topped with mild chile sauce, an egg & melted cheese.
Served with frijoles & rice

Beef stack with beef taco

Chicken stack with chicken taco

Enchilada chica (GF)

Enchilada, hard shell taco & Mexican rice.

Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian (V)

La combinacion (GF)

Great for beginners!

All served with frijoles & rice

Shredded Beef - Shredded beef & cheese enchilada, beef taco & beef taquito
Chicken - Chicken enchilada, chicken taco & chicken taquito
Spinach & potato (V) - Spinach. potato & cheese enchilada, bean taco & vegetarian taquito

Carne con chile colorado

Slow cooked beef, ground red chiles & onions served with frijoles & rice

OPTIONAL EXTRA: warm flour tortillas


Large flour tortilla folded over frijoles con queso & your choice of filling.
Baked then topped with guacamole, sour cream & salsa fresca.
Served with Mexican rice

Beef - Slow cooked beef with mild red chile, tomato & onion
Chicken - Chicken with cilantro, cheese, tomato & onion
Seafood - Prawns & scallops in a tangy creamy sauce
Vegetarian - Frijoles con queso with tomato & onion (V)


Large flour tortilla filled with your choice of filling then baked. Served with frijoles, pico de gallo & Mexican rice. (Except Yucatan)

Del mar
Prawns & scallops in a tangy creamy sauce

Chicken & sweet corn with tomato & cilantro

Slow-cooked beef with mild ground red chile, onion, pico de gallo, cheese & sour cream

Yucatan (V)
Frijoles, cheese, onion and salsa topped with sour cream. Served with Mexican rice & salad


Ensalada Mexicana Mixta (V) (GF)

Avocado, cilantro, cucumber, tomato & Spanish onion

Ensalada De Frijoles Negros (V) (GF)

Black beans, sweet corn, red capsicum, tomato, Spanish onion & cilantro on mixed greens

A LA CARTA Side Orders

Jalapeño chiles
Corn chips
Flour tortillas
Salsa .. mild or hot

Mexican rice
Sour cream
Sour cream, cheese & salsa



Choose 1 niño meal, niño ice-cream & a Mexican punch

Taco with fries

Crunchy corn or soft flour tortilla with your choice of beef, chicken or beans (V)
Topped with tomato, lettuce & cheese. Served with fries

Niño nachos (V) (GF)

Crunchy corn tortilla chips smothered with melted cheese

Mexi nuggets

5 chicken nuggets served with fries & a tomato dipping sauce

Bowl of fries (V)

Fries served with a tomato dipping sauce

Kid’s ice cream with chocolate sauce

2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce & a jelly snake

Select a drink from our Drinks menu

Try our Mexican Slushie!


Death by chocolate

Layers of chocolate mousse & chocolate ice-cream, topped with chocolate walnut brownie & whipped cream

Bunuelos - ice cream nachos

3 scoops of rich vanilla ice-cream, with cinnamon crisps & topped with coffee liqueur, honey & cinnamon sugar

Chocolate taco

Thick chocolate walnut brownie wedge on a rich chocolate mocha sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream & whipped cream

Sticky Mexican pudding

Mexico’s version of the all time favourite:Sticky date pudding.
Served warm with home-made caramel sauce & ice-cream
- Contains walnuts

Flan de queso (GF)

Smooth cream cheese custard topped with a decadent layer of caramel sauce - Taco Bill’s version of this true Mexican dessert

Mexican chocolate mousse (GF)

A smooth, airy & chocolatey dessert served with whipped cream

Kid’s ice cream with chocolate sauce

2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce & a jelly snake


Liqueur coffee - Mexican Style

Taco Bill's coffee liqueur served with hot, fresh black coffee & whipped cream or ask you waiter for a favourite kind


Café latte
Flat white
Espresso - short or long black

Other beverages

Hot chocolate
Vienna cocoa with whipped cream