Taco bill heritage
The company’s beginnings were simple, with its founder ‘Taco Bill’ Chilcote, coming to Australia in 1966 from the border of Mexico and California with just a corn grinder and a tortilla machine, with which he started producing tortillas and corn chips. This was Australia’s first introduction to Mexican cuisine

In a small street in a group of factories on a balmy Queensland nite a small man with BIG ideas made Australia’s first Tortillas and started a food revolution. This date also coincided with the first humble corn chip & taco shell ever made
Taco Bill is officially the first Mexican food in Melbourne. The first Taco Bill take-away was situated on High St, Armadale
First dine-in Mexican restaurant which was Taco Bill Russell Street. We introduced dips, enchiladas, tacos, taquitos, frijoles, rice and slow-cooked meat dishes
Taco Bill opened in Clarendon St, South Melbourne - an institution
Taco Bill were the first to bring Nachos to Australian shores. We first started standing the chips upright and sprinkling the cheese in between. After some time we came up with layering the chips and cheese and BOOM - a taste sensation swept OZ
We added our signature guacamole, sour cream and salsa fresca to the top of Nachos. Are you getting hungry? I am!
First licensed Mexican restaurant in Melbourne, which was Taco Bill in St Kilda. We created the 1st Frozen Margarita in Melbourne which was made with tequila imported direct from Mexico in 44 gallon wine barrels. The Pancho Villa!!!!!!!!!!! This 1.3L monster is the one we say is “MADE FOR MATES”, created to be shared and enjoyed for any occasion
FAJITAS! Fajitas originated in El Paso in the 1800’s when Mexican women came across the border and cooked skirt steak with peppers & onions & tortillas for the hungry trail hands. Got it? Since we introduced these sizzling sensations to Australia they have been delighting our guests, with the sizzling beef or chicken, sautéed capsicums and onions, piping hot soft flour tortillas, signature guacamole, lettuce & herbed rice
Started giving away Taco Bill sombreros with Pancho Villas and NOW there are over 750,000 of them all over Oz. You see them at weddings, funerals, MCG, Australian Open, Spring Carnival, Lorne, Bondi, Margaret River. They’ve also been to Macchu Pichu, trekked around Mont Blanc and travelled to numerous other countries